Internal Chat

HKeeper language user-centric messenger is an internal chat platform accessible via desktop or mobile device that communicates in real-time directly with individual users or to selected groups of users. 

Designed for simplicity, purpose, efficiency, and ease of use, users can ‘instant chat’ and attach photos to illustrate issues or show progress.

Available for use on both desktop and mobile apps. 

Make messages visible or invisible to certain people depending on who needs to see them.

Send a message to managers while making it invisible to housekeepers.

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2 months ago
Florian Zaugg
Cost Accounting is enemy number one of productivity

"Since we started to use HKeeper, we have seen significant benefits both internally and how service is provided to guests. HKeeper has saved a lot of time for me on administrative and preventative work organization while giving an opportunity to analyze the workflow and see negative patterns immediately and simplify everyday routines."

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Skill Level
Duration 10 weeks
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