Destination Marketplace

QR codes provide guests with a touchless/contactless destination marketplace via your HKeeper virtual concierge

Connect your selected local tourism partners with your guests and provide the best possible guest experience

Guests can book your recommended local attractions, shops, restaurants, tours, and special offers with confidence

Sell anything, track everything and make incremental revenue for your hotel

Eliminate all hotel and destination printed materials, save money - go green

Embrace your guests while providing them with the best possible destination experience

Remove physical contact promoting both staff and guest health and safety

Provide guests with a bookable collection of your recommended destination products, good and services in real-time

Simple, user-friendly setup with live updates to provide hotel general information, recommend and sell any product or service with full details to your guests

Guest requests are sent directly to your selected local partners with trackable auto-escalation protocols ensuring the best possible customer service

Build relationships with and generate incremental revenue and profits from your local destination partners

Stay connected with your guests post-stay to generate direct bookings for future visits

Peter Pan
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2 months ago
Florian Zaugg
Cost Accounting is enemy number one of productivity

"Since we started to use HKeeper, we have seen significant benefits both internally and how service is provided to guests. HKeeper has saved a lot of time for me on administrative and preventative work organization while giving an opportunity to analyze the workflow and see negative patterns immediately and simplify everyday routines."

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